Personalised Dinnerware for Discerning Pets 


"You can't help but love them" - Your Dog Gear Guide, March 2012

Welcome to Chow Bella, the UK's totally bespoke pet-bowl maker. My mission is to bring fine dining to your pet with a unique approach: I use no readymade bowls and no transfers, and each and every Chow Bella bowl is guaranteed to be personally handmade by me (that's Claire Pearson) on a traditional potter's wheel.

I offer a range of colours, shapes and sizes of bowls, and because each one is individually handmade, you can pick any combination of colours, add whatever wording you like, add symbols that suit your pet's wonderful personality, and you can even bling it up with genuine Swarovski crystals!

If you're feeling a little daunted by all that choice, a great place to start is the Chow Bella Gallery where you can see some gorgeous pets showing off their bowls. Some people pick colours that match their pets, and some pick colours that match their kitchen - it's entirely up to you!Because each bowl is made to order there is a 6 week turnaround time on the bowls - I hope to improve on this in the future but currently I make the bowls around my full-time  job, so my apologies for the long lead time. However testimonials should tell you that it's worth the wait!

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The Chow Bella studio is in London and all bowls are made on site. We are proud to carry the new "Made in Britain" logo.

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<title>Chow Bella Pet Bowls</title>

Beautiful, handmade, personalised spaniel bowls from Chow Bella - handmade in the UK.

Beautiful, handmade personalised dog bowls from Chow Bella - handmade in the UK. p

Beautiful, handmade, personalised cat bowls from Chow Bella - handmade in the UK.

Beautiful, handmade bowls for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - handmade in the UK.

Beautiful, handmade bowls for Cocker Spaniels - handmade in the UK.

Designer dog bowls for pampered pooches!

ersonalized dog bowl